About Rocaille Wine

Rocaille Wine comes from the state-of-the-art winery and vineyards at the Quinta do Outeiro. The name was inspired by the intricate structures in the Quinta’s historic formal gardens, which were created around 1906.

The vineyards sit in a unique location, allowing for immense creativity in terms of wine production. While the land sits in the official Vinho Verde region, there are two key characteristics that have determined the grape variety choices and wine types that form the Rocaille Wine collection.

The first determining factor is that the land sits very close to the Douro DOC wine region (we are within 10Km of the delineation border). This  designated region is the home of Port Wine and one of that regions key features is the microclimate that it has within it’s boundaries.

The second factor relates to the specific characteristics of the land where the Rocaille Wine vineyards are located. They are nestled in a sheltered hollow on the side of the Douro valley. This gives the vineyards a very special microclimate of their own, not dissimilar to what you get further up the valley in the Douro DOC region. While traditional Vinho Verde grape varieties can be grown in these conditions, other grape varieties can also flourish. And it is for this reason that Rocaille Wine has a unique selection of grape varieties, some that are well known in the local region but some that are highly unusual for the region, but not uncommon in many vineyards globally.

Our goal at Rocaille Wine is to produce small quantity lots of very high-quality wine. As such, we use the very best equipment and processes in all stages – from how we grow the grapes to final bottling – to produce a variety of wines that are rich in aromas and flavours, have unique characteristics and are produced, to the maximum extent possible, using minimal chemicals and maximising on natural processes to create a very clean and pure wine.


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