Having control over every step of the wine making process is key to making a high-quality wine. We use the highest quality machinery to achieve the level of control we require to make our wines. Most wineries will use a standard one-motor de-stemmer and crusher, a hydraulic press and standard pumps to move their grape must. At Rocaille Wine we take the sensitivity of the grape much more seriously. Our de-stalker and crusher has three motors, each which has separate velocity control. All paddles and hard surfaces are rubber-based. All pumps have rubber-based impellers and our press is computer controlled, allowing us to apply a precise pressure in a highly controlled and reliable manner. Indeed, there are very few wineries in the region that use a pneumatic press. These are typically reserved for the domain of the champagne houses and other high-end wineries. Every fermentation tank has temperature control, allowing us to ensure the fermentation process is never out of control. The result is that from the moment the grape arrives at the winery to the time that it gets bottled, the product is treated with the utmost of care and respect.


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