At Rocaille Wine our aim has been to very carefully consider the unique characteristics of the location and come up with a selection of grape varieties and wines that are best suited for the location. The official wine designated region we are in would typically determine, and limit, what we should grow. However, this has always been of secondary consideration in terms of our grape-growing and wine-making choice. Of primary consideration is how best we can use the location to make a range of high-quality wines with interesting, exciting and unique characteristics.

The Quinta is situated in a unique position. It is nestled in a sheltered hollow on the hillside of the Douro valley. This gives the Rocaille Wine vineyards at the Quinta do Outeiro a very special microclimate of their own. While traditional Vinho Verde grape varieties can be grown in these conditions, other grape varieties can also flourish. And it is for this reason that Rocaille wine has a unique selection of grape varieties, some that are well known in the local region but some that are highly unusual for the region, but not uncommon in many vineyards globally.


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