Maintenance and Philosophy

Our primary objective at Rocaille Wine is to produce high quality wines with unique characteristics using minimal chemicals and maximising on natural processes to create a very clean and pure wine. This philosophy starts at the vineyard. For example, most wineries will prune their vines and burn the stalks. They also use chemical herbicides to kill the weeks in-between the vines. We do not do this. Out approach is to invest in a specialist piece of equipment that attaches to our tractor. When pruning the vines, we simply put the waste cuttings in-between the vines. We then pass the tractor through the vines and the attached machine mulches everything (waste cuttings, weeds etc) and churns them into the soil. When this breaks down, it not only acts as a natural fertilizer, it is also very environmentally favourable. Nothing needs to be burnt and there is no need to use chemical herbicides.


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