Production Process

There are many debates about whether winemaking is an art or a science. The truth is it is a blend of the two. And, above all, it requires passion and dedication. At Rocaille Wine we consider one of the secrets to success is treating the grape with the highest level of care and respect. This is at the core of any high-quality wine and a fundamental principle that we rigorously follow at every step of our production process. Allow fermentation to run out of control, pick grapes at the wrong time, over press the grapes to maximise yield (all things that a lot of wineries make the mistake of doing) and a myriad of other factors can result in a mediocre wine. Taking great care at every step of the process, however small the detail may be, gives you a wine with a great depth of character and unique aromas and flavours. Rocaille Wines are a combination of passion, dedication, art and science at every step of the wine making process.


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